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    Rectruiting Specification

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    Rectruiting Specification

    Post  Guardian99 on Thu Nov 13, 2008 12:26 pm

    Congratulations boys and girls you want to be a necromonger this is the best choice you have ever made.... well first and foremost you got to be laid back not like this.... (about 1 minute onwards). We would prefer team players so we will have a trial run with you before we say yes. We really don't want whiners i.e we lose oh man wat a bunch of noobs (unless it is true) but just dont go on and on please. Bad language is tolerated just keep it reasonable please dont want a clan ban from server. Racist remarks are not tolerated if you are caught you will be immediately expelled. Any cheats must be shared with clan members.... nope only joking if you are caught you will be exiled and get a Evil or Very Mad for your disgraceful behaviour. Of course a good sense of humour is absolutely neccessary as we are a casual group with a serious side. If you get us banned from a server I will need a seriously good explanation from you otherwise the founding fathers (Me, Xblade and Huskay) will have to deliberate a kick. One last thing it would be preferable if you have VOIP (basically a mic to use in game we will be extremely bias towards you). The final word will lie with me though get in contact with any clan member to start the recruitment process.

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