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    Post  Guardian99 on Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:30 am

    Breath taking is the first word on my lips the graphics are brilliant the game seems to never end it took me 30 odd hours to complete the campaign on easy probably 50-60+ on hard simply due to the breatdh of the game. Isn't so much about fighting as much as buidling a metropolis similar to that of sims city however, you must also fulfil your populations needs which is without a doubt hard they are very demanding. At the moment i'm doing a scenerio on the campaign which is like an extensive mission probably a good 12 hrs of game play behind me and i'm can see the vaguest outline of the end on the horizon. There are also games called continous games which literally go on forever if you wish, however, you can set them up as scenerios with certain goals and can set them at various difficulties from easy to hard and when i say i hard i mean you will have to be very dedicated and think every move carefully through whether diplomatic or economic. There is a military element is limited but remains fun and consists mostly of establishing camps which fight each other and capture buildings, the main fighting is naval whether your trying to protect your supply lines from corsairs or freeze your enemis supplies and board their trade ships. If you are patient and enjoy a challenge on RTS games get it if not steer clear this game will absorb alot of time

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