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    Post  Xblade_Power on Sun Mar 22, 2009 6:10 pm

    Hawx is one of the most fun games I have played in a while and its easy to get into. The graphics on the planes is awesome every detail of the planes is there all on all 50 planes, on the other hand the graphics on the ground are not that great, it uses satellite imagery for the base and they have added buildings and other things which don't look too bad, but for a flight game it still has the best graphics overall.
    When you just start the campaign there is not much of a story line but after a few missions a story does develop, the story it ok but it is a bit American so you get all the traditional American crap like they are the best at everything and so on.....
    Game play/controls the flying can be annoying because there is a system which helps the newbies not to crash so it limits what your aircraft can do so you cant stall and it wont let your aircraft fall under 1000kph, you can turn all this off but then it puts you in this nasty 3rd person view which makes it near impossible to navigate your plane there may be a way to turn this off but I haven't looked very hard for it but I hope I find it.
    You can get all of the modern planes from air-superiority fighters to 2200 MPH Nuke bombers and heavy ground attack gunships.
    The online play is good fun it lets you put you skill to the test, it has a ranking system similar to ETQW's. You can play through the whole campaign co-op 4 player or a 32 player team deathmatch/free for all which can be rather extreme at times.
    The voice commands system is actually rather good it doesn't require any setup at all and it understands all the commands I say so I take back what I said about it.

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