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    Empire total war

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    Empire total war

    Post  Guardian99 on Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:02 am

    Simply breath taking the scale is abosolutely incredible you can play across three areas thoguh they feel like continents... You can play north america and Europe (yes i know these are continents) and India which seems a continets on its own. Ok your gonna need a woop ass machine for this i'd adivse at least 2-4gb of ram and 2.4Ghz dual core processor with between 512mb and 1024mb of graphics memory though you can play with alot less aat low deatil though if you want too get a full taste of the battles at high detail then i'd advise it and i would say its worth it. The overall campaign is insanely big not just in scale but in detail as you have to consider many different factors including... building troops, building buildings, upgrading your tech tree, checking your siplomacy is correct with certain factions moving your troops to defend moving your troops and fighting battles. It is just expansive once your in the swing of it and have got all the cogs working it probably won't b as difficult though that first turn is a bit wild. If you don't mind a balancing act combined with bloodthirsty musketeers then this gmae will b right up your street thoguh i suggest you have a good compter if you want to enjoy the graphics detail of sum grass blowing in the wind Razz. i would say the reviews and ratings it has got are deserved at 94... the user reviews are generally done by moronic 5 year olds who are whining about steam for no reason i have never had a problem with it so why they whine alot i dunno but basically if there is a complaint about it having high specs and their outdated piecve of junk wont run it or they odnt like it being on steam ignore it read the ones which review the game not their in ability to run it or their opinions of steam existing...

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